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Designed to regularly crash into concrete.

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Build it upside down and top mount your battery.
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GoPro ready, and yes, 1407 motors lift it just fine.
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Bumper-to-bumper coverage with free-to-print booties for days.
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Optional 30.5mm hardware kit mounts standard sized FC and 4in1.
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With a 4mm bottom plate and 3mm top plate, she's a brick house.

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4" props are coming back in a big little way

It's the season of the 4", 1407 racer. With modern 1407 motors capable of massive amounts of thrust for their small size and weight, Garagecrab can be built to more nimble, more durable, and just as fast as a 5" frame. 4" is back, baby.

With a 54g base frame weight and motors that weigh between 12g and 15g, Garagecrab builds with 1407 motors end up easily under 290g with a 1000mAh battery, and lighter than 250g with a 500mAh battery.

Build it how you want it.

The stretch-x geometry gives you that stable feel and anti-propwash benefits, and the host of build options give you flexibility in choosing how you want your quad to fly, whether it's top mount battery for a more true center of gravity, or bottom mount with a Gargecrab GoPro Session Bumper or Gargecrab GoPro Session Wedge on top, Garagecrab can be built either way with the included hardware.

GoPro Ready.

Whether you're on 1407s or 1608s, Garagecrab can haul a GoPro. Get the Gargecrab GoPro Session Bumper.

Not afraid to accessorize.

With a host of TPU accessories such as booties, battery protectors, top plate bumpers, and GoPro mounts, Garagecrab is thrives in unforgiving indoor race venues such as parking garages and warehouses.

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Designed for tiny hardware, but works with anything.

Garagecrab was designed around flight controllers with a 20x20mm mounting hole pattern, but has plenty of room for your favorite RX, VTX, and camera.

Check out these Garagecrab builds for inspiration:

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