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Räsvelg Stretch

Skinny, fast, and dangerous as all hell.

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5mm replaceable arms. 5" props.
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HS1177 FPV camera at 20°-110° (yes, backwards).
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Build it upside down and top mount your battery.

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Skinny as a rule

Räsvelg 5 Stretch has incredibly skinny 7mm wide and 5mm thick arms which help it weigh in at only 78g.

You'll be amazed at how efficient and quiet this frame is due to lack of air resistance.

Räsvelg: The giant corpse swallowing eagle.

The name Räsvelg comes from the Old Norse, Hræsvelgr, and a giant that takes the form of an eagle and flaps its wings at the end of the Earth to create wind currents.

It's also affectionaly known as "corpse swallower," because it does a bit of that too.

Compatible with the most common hardware.

Räsvelg is compatible with the parts you'll see on most builds. However, Räsvelg requires the following:

Check out these Räsvelg builds for inspiration:

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