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Garuda Stretch

We took Garuda and stretched it.

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This is the result.
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Available with the Speedo™ of the multirotor world: The Garuda Race Canopy.
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Aggressive in any color you like.
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The same Garuda, but, you know, stretched.
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Guaranteed to make you as fast as SFPV.

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Stretch Armstrong.

After talking with pilots like SFPV and Nytfury who found the stretch-x motor mounting pattern superior for racing, we knew we had to take our best design yet and make it even more race-ready.

Garuda Stretch's stretch-x 215mm motor mounting pattern enables unprecedented confidence and control. We're not saying it'll make you as fast as Nytfury, but hey, it might.

Despite the design changes, we didn't skimp on durability: Garuda Stretch's arms are skinny, yet thick and strong, with a claw-shaped arm tip that protects your motors in crashes.

Strap up your GoPro, snap in your camera.

A built-in 40° HD camera mount, makes it so you'll never have to deal with heavy HD camera mounts to carry your GoPro, Session, Yi, or other HD camera.

With a built-in adjustable 30°, 45°, and 60° FPV camera mount for the popular HS1177 camera, you can finally throw away those fragile metal camera brackets and their tiny screws.

Not afraid to customize and accessorize.

Garuda is available with your choice of 3mm or 4mm carbon fiber, so you can choose to optimize for weight or durability.

With TPU booties, battery protectors, VTX and RX holders, and optimized canopy designs in any color, Garuda is yours to customize. Accessories will be available on a print-to-order basis from Phoenix 3D Solutions in the coming weeks.

Match your props and your canopy, your arm-tip LEDs with your VTX antenna, or your battery with your canopy LEDs, Garuda gives you more options to customize your drone and ditch the "no color except the standoffs and props" look most drones have.

Legendary durability.

Garuda is named after an immortal, ass-kicking bird, and aptly so.

We cut Garuda out of 3K carbon fiber with a 0°/45°/90° layup. This means Garuda is stiff from front to back, side to side, and motor to motor and has no weak points along any axis. With its 4mm thick carbon fiber and a canopy made out of indestructible TPU, Garuda lives up to the legend of the name.

Light-weight: balanced.

When designing Garuda, we paid special attention to weight balance. Even with an HD camera, Garuda never tilts when placed on the ground. With a 1300mAh battery strapped to the bottom and a GoPro on top, Garuda is balanced along the horizontal axis for clean flips and rolls.

At tilt, Garuda maintains a straight line through to GoPro to the battery, giving you a balanced feel while flying at high speeds.

Not only is Garuda balanced, but it's lighter than other drones with canopies. Including the integrated GoPro mount, Garuda's frame + canopy + hardware weighs in at 99g for the 4mm version.

Designed with maintenance in mind.

When something goes wrong in the field, Garuda is ready for repair.

Full access to the flight controller, RX, and VTX means you can perform repairs without even removing a screw.

Nails the little things.

With zip tie slots and a mounting hole for your XT-60, nut holding nubs for canopy screws, extra-snug hardware-free FPV camera mounting, and included vibration-damping o-rings to mount your flight controller, Garuda misses no details.

We've agonized over every aspect of the frame, especially the little things, with dozens of revisions and changes so minor they're best measured in micrometers.

Compatible with the most common hardware.

Garuda is compatible with the parts you'll see on most builds. However, Garuda requires the following:

Garuda's included hardware lets you soft-mount mount your PDB and flight controller with plenty of clearance for components. The included o-rings help prevent yaw-twitching for those sensitive gyros and motors with N52 magnets.

Check out these Garuda builds for inspiration:

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