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It's like a baby Garuda in the deep blue sea.

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2" props, 14g, 2mm unibody.
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Shark fin for epic turtle mode recovery.
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Designed around 16mm FC and ESC stacks.
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Very stretched.

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A baby shark made for a tiny fish.

Babyshark is designed around the amazing Tinyfish 16x16mm flight controller, which has a FrSky Telemetry RX, current sensor, and blackbox in a tiny package.

Combine with the Racerstar Star6 and the FullSpeed FSD-TX200, and the classic Micro CMOS camera for a killer Babyshark capable of 2S, 200mW, telemetry, current sensing, and blackbox!


Wheelbase 104mm
Prop size 2"
Weight 14g
Arm Dimensions 2mm thick, 7.5-6.3mm wide

Compatible Parts

FC/RX Tinyfish is preferred due to the built-in RX, but a FrSky R-XSR or FrSky XM will fit on top of the stack.
ESC Racerstar Star6 is the smallest 2S 16mm 4in1.
VTX FullSpeed FSD-TX200 bolts directly to the stack.
Camera Micro CMOS camera
Motors The Racerstar BR1103 or any other 11XX motors with kV > 7500kV works great on Babyshark.
Battery A 450mAh 2S works great on Babyshark, with XT30 and JST being the preferred connectors.

Babyshark on Rotorbuilds

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