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A tiny fish that gives a big whoopin'.

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2" props, 6g, 2mm unibody.
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Shark fin for epic turtle mode recovery.
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Designed around 16mm FC and ESC stacks.
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Very stretched.

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Not afraid to accessorize.

A host of accessories, such as booties, camera mounts, and fins are all available on Thingiverse.

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Wheelbase 95mm
Prop size 2"
Weight 6g
Arm Dimensions 2mm thick, 7.5-6.3mm wide

Compatible Parts

FC/RX Tinyfish is preferred due to the built-in RX
ESC tinyPEPPER ESC is the perfect 4in1 for this build.
Camera and VTX Mounts are available for both the VM275t or the classic Micro CMOS camera (requires separate VTX, such as the FullSpeed FSD-TX200).
Motors The Racerstar BR1103 or any other 11XX motors with kV > 10000kV works great on Tinyshark.
Battery Any good ol' Tinywhoop 1S pack works just fine, with JST-PH 2.0 connectors being preferred.

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